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Business Builder Series #1

Turn Cold Leads
into Hot Prospects

Have you invested hours nurturing a potential client relationship, only to see them go radio silent? Have you had prospects you’ve acquired from lead services go cold before you even have a chance to engage?  The good news: a cold lead doesn’t have to be a dead end. This e-book will equip you with strategies to thaw out those iced-over leads and warm up their interest in financial guidance.

What you can expect in this book

When you download our eBook you can expect to learn more about:

  • Why your prospects came to you in the first place.
  • Are you considering the underlying motives driving a client’s behavior?
  • Why a second opinion strategy can lead to great opportunities.
  • When there is turmoil in people’s lives, they look for reassurance and can be receptive to new ideas.
  • Why the DIY Investor is ready for your support.
  • Knowledge gaps and life stages can leave these prospects ready to hang up their DIY efforts and seek help from a professional.

We believe great advice is the linchpin to the financial success of your clients. We’re here to help you serve them.

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