Why Our Platform?

By building new connections, our platform creates value for all users. Focusing on user control, elevating advice and the visualization of sophisticated products we integrate all layers of the wealth management industry.


Grow your advisory practice one focused conversation at a time. In a digital world already full of noise, what if potential clients were directly asking to speak with you? Next creates a private, curated platform to reach your ideal clients. We cultivate active conversations so the leads you get are ready to take action.

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Take your firm to the next Level with our groundbreaking Client Engagement tool. In a digital-first world,¬†Level lets you stay engaged digitally and meet your clients where they want to be met…online, on their time, on their phone in line at Starbucks. Digital tools allow you to prospect 24/7, scale on existing platforms, enter new markets, gain invaluable data for marketing, product design and sales strategy.

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OnTrajectory is Financial Planning software so easy and intuitive that regular people can create their own lifetime models – but it’s powerful enough that it can support any professional practice. It answers questions beyond ‘when can I retire?’ — you can visualize how future college costs or buying a home will affect you in 30, 40 or 50 years. And if you don’t like the first answer you see, you can experiment with different ways to reach your financial goals.

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Can AI really answer questions, route conversations, intelligently support onboarding and learn how to guide users along your custom client journey? With Penny, it can. Our unique, proprietary take on AI integrates conversations across the spectrum of financial conversations. Try Penny as a connection to future or current clients, use it for in-house alignment or try it for onboarding engagement. Penny is the AI tool you’ve been waiting for, and it’s not sharing your critical data with other institutions.¬†

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